Initially located at Port d'Envaux, a country side village near the Charente river, in 2015, I had purchased a 15000 sqm land and farm in the nearby city of Saintes, with a clear takeoff around all direction, and the Atlantic Ocean at around 20km. The altitude above sea level (asl) is around 45m.

The station is still in building phase (since 2015) and this will last probably 3 to 4 more years before it can be considered as complete.

HF/50MHz Station:
- Yaesu FTDX-5000 with Microham Micro Keyer II and Station Master
- Yaesu FT2000
- Tower 1 (12m CTA) with Rotor Yaesu G1000 DXA
      - Antenna AD-335v2 (3elts 20m , 3elts 15m , 5elts 10m)
- Tower 2 (18m Aluminium) with Rotor Spid BIG-RAK
      - Antenna AD-W45 (4elts 17m , 5elts 12m)
      - Antenna Yagi 8elts 50MHz LFA (11.6m boom)
- 30m Vertical 1/4 wave Antenna with 160 shared radials system
- 40m 4 square Antenna system (8 directions) with 100 radials
- 60m Vertical 1/4 wave Antenna with 160 shared radials system
- 80m Vertical 1/4 wave Antenna with 160 shared radials system
- 160m Vertical 1/4 wave shortened Antenna (26m length) with 160 shared radials system
- RX: Hi-Z 8 square vertical Antenna system (from october to april only)
VHF/UHF/SHF Station:
- Icom IC-9700
- Tower 3 (15m free standing) with Rotor Spid BIG-RAS
     - Antenna Yagi 9elts 144MHz
     - Antenna Yagi 21elts 432MHz
     - Antenna Parabolic Dish Prime Focus 190cm with dual feed 1296MHz and 2320MHz (on Tower 1)
QO-100 Satellite Station:
- 80cm Offset parabolic dish with dual feed DJ7GP (LNB for RX and patch for TX)
- Reception: RTL SDR Dongle and SDR Console Software
- Transmition: Yaesu FT817 / 13cm Kuhne Electronics transverter with 2w amplifier

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