MX0INT - Farne Islands - IOTA EU-109

10 & 11 May 2014


After the very successful HP0INT IOTA tour (winner of the DXpedition of the IOTA Marathon), members of the Invoker Team have now set their sights on activating the Farne Islands, EU-109.
It's now been 10 years since a major activation of this island group, and with an ever-growing number of IOTA enthusiasts chasing "new ones", we believe this activity will create heavy interest.
During the weekend of May 10 & 11 - using the callsign MX0INT - a four man team consisting Christian EA3NT, Vincent F4BKV, Gil F4FET and Col MM0NDX plan to be active from the outer island of Longstone.
At this stage it is likely the activation will be during local daylight hours only, however we will strive for a longer activation period when actually there, working with island representatives.
Please be aware that weather and sea conditions will determine this whole activation. We will announce on air, or via twitter, any potential changes

QRV CW/SSB with 3 or 4 stations on HF + 6m

QSL Info

Direct / Bureau via F5CWU (OQRS here)

If you like our activity, please consider a small donation to help us cover the logistical costs of this trip
Donations can be done using the Direct OQRS method or directly with
Thanks to GM3YTS for the loan of the 50MHz Yagi antenna and to F5CWU Flo for the loan of the bandpass filters

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