50MHz Activity by F4BKV Vincent

I started 50MHz operation in 2012 and more seriously since 2018. Initially with a 5 elements Yagi, then replaced in 2018 by a 6 elements Yagi, and finally in 2020 by a 8 elements LFA Yagi (11m boom) at 22m high.

Results on 01/10/2021: 154 DXCC and 30 CQ Zones contacted

I'm also holding the VUCC Award on 50MHz (grid locator) with 789 confirmed by LOTW only and 905 contacted

Mainhead locators contacted on 50MHz (76):

Grid locators contacted on 50MHz (905): (yellow: contacted - orange: confirmed - green: LOTW)

Results for DDFM (French Department) Award:

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