HF Activity by F4BKV Vincent

I started HF operation on 20/05/2004, just after France authorise CEPT 2 (F1/F4) licencees to transmit on all amateur-radio frequencies. I'm currently working in Paris (France) or Barcelona (Spain) area, therefore I'm physically at the station only few week-end by year, mainly during major contests.

Results DXCC and WAZ on 26/03/2023:

I'm also currently with 2811 at DXCC Challenge (2693 only confirmed with LOTW) with a life goal to reach 3000 one day !

Mainhead locator contacted in HF (208):

60m band:

France got authorisation for 60m band on 13/02/2020 and I'm exclusively active in Digital mode on this band, with currently 173 DXCC and 32 CQ Zones contacted

Results for the Worked All States of USA Award:

Best 73's and enjoy your visit on my web site.