Satellite Activity by F4BKV Vincent

I started Satellite operation in 1997 as soon as I got my licence. Satellite is what initially motivate me to get the licence. I was active on most satellites between 1997 to 2004, including RS-12, FO-20/FO-29 and AO-13/AO-40. I then made a long qrx until 2020 where I start again my satellite activity, mainly on LEO Sat and also on Geostationary Satellite QO-100

Results on 24/10/2022: 148 DXCC and in all 7 Continents

I'm also holding the VUCC Award on Satellite (grid locator) with 611 confirmed by LOTW only and 848 contacted

Mainhead locators contacted on Satellite (91):

Grid locators contacted on Satellite (848): (yellow: contacted - orange: confirmed - green: LOTW)

Results for DDFM (French Department) Award: (orange is QO-100)

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